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After wind, solar and hydropower, the full range of biomass sources are now ready for energy production. Our energy revolution has already started. We go from large scale to decentralized energy production, and we start to realize that no one individual source is going to save us. But I do want to be part of it. George Monbiot Scientists are replacing crops and livestock with food made from microbes and water. In a commercial lab on the outskirts of Helsinki, I watched scientists turn water into food.

Through a porthole in a metal tank, I could see a yellow froth churning. When the froth was siphoned through a tangle of pipes and squirted on to heated rollers, it turned into a rich yellow flour. This flour is not yet licensed for sale.

But the scientists, working for a company called Solar Foods, were allowed to give me some while filming our documentary Apocalypse Cow. I asked them to make me a pancake: I would be the first person on Earth, beyond the lab staff, to eat such a thing. They set up a frying pan in the lab, mixed the flour with oat milk, and I took my small step for man.

It tasted … just like a pancake. But pancakes are not the intended product. Such flours are likely soon to become the feedstock for almost everything. In their raw state, they can replace the fillers now used in thousands of food products. When the bacteria are modified they will create the specific proteins needed for lab-grown meat, milk and eggs. Other tweaks will produce lauric acid — goodbye palm oil — and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids — hello lab-grown fish.

The carbohydrates that remain when proteins and fats have been extracted could replace everything from pasta flour to potato crisps. The first commercial factory built by Solar Foods should be running next year.

The hydrogen pathway used by Solar Foods is about 10 times as efficient as photosynthesis. But because only part of a plant can be eaten, while the bacterial flour is mangetout, you can multiply that efficiency several times. And because it will be brewed in giant vats the land efficiency, the company estimates, is roughly 20, times greater. Everyone on Earth could be handsomely fed, and using a tiny fraction of its surface.

If, as the company intends, the water used in the process which is much less than required by farming is electrolysed with solar power, the best places to build these plants will be deserts. We are on the cusp of the biggest economic transformation, of any kind, for years. While arguments rage about plant- versus meat-based diets, new technologies will soon make them irrelevant.

Before long, most of our food will come neither from animals nor plants, but from unicellular life. After 12, years of feeding humankind, all farming except fruit and veg production is likely to be replaced by ferming: brewing microbes through precision fermentation. This means multiplying particular micro-organisms, to produce particular products, in factories.

I know some people will be horrified by this prospect. I can see some drawbacks. But I believe it comes in the nick of time. Several impending disasters are converging on our food supply, any of which could be catastrophic.

But water use is already maxed out in many places: aquifers are vanishing, rivers are failing to reach the sea. The glaciers that supply half the population of Asia are rapidly retreating. Inevitable global heating — due to greenhouse gases already released — is likely to reduce dry season rainfall in critical areas, turning fertile plains into dustbowls. A global soil crisis threatens the very basis of our subsistence, as great tracts of arable land lose their fertility through erosion, compaction and contamination.

Phosphate supplies, crucial for agriculture, are dwindling fast. Insectageddon threatens catastrophic pollination failures. It is hard to see how farming can feed us all even until , let alone to the end of the century and beyond. Food production is ripping the living world apart.

Fishing and farming are, by a long way, the greatest cause of extinction and loss of the diversity and abundance of wildlife. Farming is a major cause of climate breakdown, the biggest cause of river pollution and a hefty source of air pollution. Industrial fishing is driving cascading ecological collapse in seas around the world.

Eating is now a moral minefield, as almost everything we put in our mouths — from beef to avocados, cheese to chocolate, almonds to tortilla chips, salmon to peanut butter — has an insupportable environmental cost. But just as hope appeared to be evaporating, the new technologies I call farmfree food create astonishing possibilities to save both people and planet. Farmfree food will allow us to hand back vast areas of land and sea to nature, permitting rewilding and carbon drawdown on a massive scale.

It means an end to the exploitation of animals, an end to most deforestation, a massive reduction in the use of pesticides and fertiliser, the end of trawlers and longliners. Research by the thinktank RethinkX suggests that proteins from precision fermentation will be around 10 times cheaper than animal protein by The result, it says, will be the near-complete collapse of the livestock industry.

Not only will food be cheaper, it will also be healthier. Because farmfree foods will be built up from simple ingredients, rather than broken down from complex ones, allergens, hard fats and other unhealthy components can be screened out.

Meat will still be meat, though it will be grown in factories on collagen scaffolds, rather than in the bodies of animals. Starch will still be starch, fats will still be fats. But food is likely to be better, cheaper and much less damaging to the living planet. It might seem odd for someone who has spent his life calling for political change to enthuse about a technological shift.

But nowhere on Earth can I see sensible farm policies developing. Many people are rightly concerned about urban sprawl. But agricultural sprawl — which covers a much wider area — is a far greater threat to the natural world. Every hectare of land used by farming is a hectare not used for wildlife and complex living systems. A paper in Nature suggests that, per kilo of food produced, extensive farming causes greater greenhouse gas emissions, soil loss, water use and nitrogen and phosphate pollution than intensive farming.

If everyone ate pasture-fed meat, we would need several new planets on which to produce it. Farmfree production promises a far more stable and reliable food supply that can be grown anywhere, even in countries without farmland. It could be crucial to ending world hunger. But there is a hitch: a clash between consumer and producer interests. Many millions of people, working in farming and food processing, will eventually lose their jobs.

Only a few components, such as the milk proteins casein and whey, need to be produced through fermentation for profit margins across an entire sector to collapse. While I doubt the collapse will be quite that fast, in one respect the thinktank underestimates the scale of the transformation. It fails to mention the extraordinary shift taking place in feedstock production to produce alternatives to plant products, of the kind pioneered in Helsinki.

This is likely to hit arable farming as hard as cultured milk and meat production will hit livestock farming. Instead of pumping ever more subsidies into a dying industry, governments should be investing in helping farmers into other forms of employment, while providing relief funds for those who will suddenly lose their livelihoods.

Another hazard is the potential concentration of the farmfree food industry. We should strongly oppose the patenting of key technologies, to ensure the widest possible distribution of ownership. If governments regulate this properly, they could break the hegemony of the massive companies that now control global food commodities. In this sector, as in all others, we need strong anti-trust laws.

We must also ensure that the new foods always have lower carbon footprints than the old ones: farmfree producers should power their operations entirely from low-carbon sources. This is a time of momentous choices, and we should make them together. Over the next few years we could lose almost everything, as magnificent habitats such as the rainforests of Madagascar, West Papua and Brazil are felled to produce cattle, soya or palm oil.

By temporarily shifting towards a plant-based diet with the lowest possible impacts no avocados or out-of-season asparagus , we can help buy the necessary time to save magnificent species and places while these new technologies mature. But farmfree food offers hope where hope was missing. We will soon be able to feed the world without devouring it. George Monbiot is a Guardian columnist. Hi everyone. I am new here. I am a new animal sciences graduate intending to learn from those before me in the livestock business.

I particularly need advice on which small I can start with a modest capital like say , Thank you all. Yila said the apex bank had reduced interest rate on the loan from nine per cent to five per cent, to encourage more farmers to have access to the credit. The programme was intended to create a linkage between Anchor Companies involved in food processing and SHFs of the required key agricultural commodities, through commodity associations. He said the programme had helped participating farmers to improve their yields, especially maize from initial two metric tons per hectare, to five metric tons per hectare, while that of rice to four metric tons per hectare.

Yila said the apex bank had also disbursed about N billion, in energy infrastructure support through National Mass Metering Programme. He explained that the programme was initiated to bridge the six million metering gap in the country, adding that thousand meters had been distributed across the country. Ms Dia said the warning had become imperative because the country was facing growing levels of acute food insecurity due to decades of insecurity across the country.

She said the insecurity had resulted in increasing poverty and economic crises. She stated that women, girls and the elderly were the most vulnerable groups to climate change, adding that it was because they were highly exposed to climate risks. Ms Dia said that the adaptive capacity of these groups was low, which according to her was constrained by poor quality of access to, and control of resources.

She added that they were more likely to live in poverty, as they were traditionally excluded from the decision-making process at local, national, and international levels. She said that the global estimate of agricultural waste produced yearly was approximately 1, million tonnes with a current market size for waste to energy of 30 billion dollars at a rate of 4.

Ms Dia said that with respect to agricultural waste, there existed the potential of resourcefully reusing the materials to reduce environmental harm and boost soil fertility and farm productivity. She said that the time was ripe for the northern region to tap into the potential present in converting agricultural wastes to energy as well as other economically viable repurposed products.

Ms Dia said it was against this backdrop that Sonvisage Nig. She said the training was on Waste-to-Wealth that is, rice and groundnut waste re-purpose for self-reliance training. The UNDP-GEF is currently training extension agents in Kano on how to turn waste to energy briquettes making and waste to animal feed livestock and poultry. This is as the Central Bank announced on Wednesday that over N billion has been disbursed to three million farmers to boost food production in the country.

South Korean students are being paid to use eco-friendly toilet that takes methane from poop to power building. Using the bathroom could pay for your coffee at a university in South Korea, where human waste is being used to help power a science building.

Cho Jae-weon, an urban and environmental engineering professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology UNIST in southeast Korea, has designed an eco-friendly toilet connected to a laboratory that uses excrement to produce biogas and manure. Once there, microorganisms break down the waste into methane, which becomes a source of energy for the building.

The gas powers a stove, hot-water boiler and solid oxide fuel cell. The currency can be used to buy goods on campus—like freshly brewed coffee, instant noodles, fruit and even books. The students can pick up the products they want at a special Ggool market and scan a QR code to pay for their goods. Dual-flush toilets are prone to leaks, the group says, and are the leading culprit in the 88 million gallons of water wasted a day.

Popularized in the West in the s, the two-button toilets were seen as environmentally friendly because they give patrons a choice of how much water to use: one button releases a full 1. But Thames Water found as many of half of its customers used the wrong button—or pressed both simultaneously. The Department of Petroleum Resources says the pump price of petrol in Nigeria may rise up to as much as N per litre when the petrol subsidy regime comes to an end without an alternative energy source.

Responding to the subsidy concerns and the disparity in the petrol consumption figures given by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the DPR, Auwalu acknowledged that Nigeria was spending so much on petrol subsidy. He said eliminating it would require making alternative fuel available to Nigerians and that failure to do that could plunge Nigerians into paying higher petrol prices when subsidy is removed. So, to eliminate under-recovery, what you need is alternative fuel. Without an alternative, you will subject people to higher prices and that is why we go for price freedom.

Eight million are for public use. To do that, there are a lot of environmental investors which can invest and recover from the sale of gas and we are encouraging that. After all, the average distance covered by one-gallon equivalent when you compare it with LNG or CNG with respect to energy for mobility is 2. One for PMS, 2. The issue of subsidy, the volume will all vanish and that is what we are working towards. They are to create a clear objective and catalyze the growth of improved Tilapia production in Anambra state.

Gabriel Muoneke of Eze Azu farms Nteje as vice chairman. Nurudeen Tiamiyu charged the excos to focus on advancing objective and visible growth of Tilapia Aquaculture in Anambra state. On his part, the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Anambra state, Mr Primius Odili while congratulating the new officers said the state government is more interested in agriculture, especially fish farming.

The Chief of Staff at the inauguration of Anambra State Chapter of TADAN Odili who pointed out that earlier before now, he was a bit skeptical about rearing Tilapia, said that the state is willing to compete favourably with the world in the production of Tilapia and other fish species. This is the main reason government recently launched what it called Ugbo Azuno which aims at providing alternative means of livelihood especially during this COVID pandemic.

The Chief of staff who was appointed patron of TADAN Anambra state chapter said he is not unaware of some challenges confronting farmers globally but enjoined TADAN members in the state to form cooperatives for easy accessibility of funds and promised to make arrangement for off takers once the farmers can guarantee consistency, growth and sustainability.

The new chairman, Mr. Iloghalu in his earlier presentation disclosed that FABDA was created to grow the economy of the Fisheries and Aquaculture sector in the state for food and for wealth creation in the state. He noted that the vision of the Governor in creating the Agency is to be the most visible and largest fish producing state in West Africa, adding that the state is determined to use the special technology to grow Tilapia and other fish species in the state.

The tiny enemies do not only stifle crops planted by the farmers but they also wreak havoc on farm produce, causing more losses to farmers and the communities. Arewa Voice gathered that farm produce worth hundreds of millions of Naira have already been devoured by the malignant insects since they invaded the two LGAs about three weeks ago.

As a result of the invasion, AV learnt that major stables such as maize, sorghum and rice largely consumed in the state and most parts of the Northern region of Nigeria, have been significantly destroyed, thereby putting the state on the verge of famine. Apparently worried by the development, the lawmaker representing Doguwa Constituency in the state house of Assembly, Salisu Muhd Ibrahim, has presented an urgent motion before the assembly calling on the state government to as a matter of urgency intervene and arrest the situation.

Ibrahim noted that if something urgent was not done, the state and its people were likely to face acute food shortages next year. It has devastated farmlands of so many farmers. When Arewa Voice contacted the state Ministry of Agriculture on measures put in place to arrest the situation, the Director Agriculture Services, Abdulkadir Sunusi, said they had already swung into action. Sunusi said already the ministry had deployed team of experts to the area to assess, identify the type of insect, the varieties of crops affected and the extent of damage done to the farms and the implications for the farming community in the state.

Hello, I would like to get some advice on how to get my biogas digester working. We installed it in a refugee camp and the feedstock is a blend of human waste and cow dung. Its been 2 weeks and there is still no gas. Scientists from the Institute of Industrial Science , which is a part of The University of Tokyo, have designed a new technique for synthesizing concrete without cement. Through a simple reaction in alcohol using a catalyst, the researchers directly bonded sand particles.

This might not only reduce carbon emissions but also enable the construction of buildings and structures in desert regions, and even on the Mars or Moon. In spite of the abundance of sand across the globe, the availability of sand for the production of concrete is quite restricted since sand particles should have a particular size distribution to make concrete flowable.

Some researchers are investigating how more cement can be replaced with other materials, such as fly ash and blast furnace slag, to reduce CO emissions, but this approach is unsustainable because the supply of these materials is decreasing owing to reduced use of thermal power systems and increased use of electrical furnace steel. Yuya Sakai, Study Lead Author and Associate Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo" Consequently, a new method is needed to synthesize concrete from inexhaustible materials with less impact on the environment.

Our idea was to leave the water to shift the reaction back and forth from sand to tetraalkoxysilane, to bond the sand particles with each other. Determining the correct proportion of chemicals and sand was crucial to achieving a product with adequate strength. These findings can promote a move toward a greener and more economical construction industry everywhere on Earth. Our technique does not require specific sand particles used in conventional construction.

This will also help address the issues of climate change and space development. Ahmad Farahani, Study Second Author, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo" The product will probably exhibit improved durability compared to traditional concrete since cement paste, which is comparatively weak against chemical attack and displays huge volume changes as a result of humidity and temperature, is not part of the product.

The study is slated for publishing in Seisan Kenkyu, Vol. Here, I will post a collection on news that support the theory that says Islam is fighting to dominate Nigeria. At a press conference, the Speaker of the House held up a Bible and then ripped it in two, declaring that she was against anything Trump was associated with. Finally, aides came to intervene, pre-ripping the spine of the Bible so it would be easier for her to tear.

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Ежели для вас стало любопытно, то читайте далее, ведь в данной статье будет рассказываться о этом загадочном, на 1-ый взор, явлении. Не считая обыденного веба, функциями которого раз в день пользуется фактически каждый рядовой юзер, существует иная, наиболее глубочайшая и сокрытая сеть, так именуемый — дипвеб. Он намного больше и обширнее обычного веба. И из обыденного браузера в данную сеть просто так попасть фактически нереально.

Опосля таковой инфы у вас, наверное, может показаться чувство того, что в даркнете можно отыскать сплошь что-то запрещенное, но ведь это не совершенно так. Огромную часть данной нам загадочной «глубокой паутины» составляет не совершенно запрещенная составляющая, но самая и она как раз таки сама по для себя, можно огласить, именуется — даркнет. Уже само заглавие сети даркнет можно расшифровать как что-то черное либо же даже скрытое.

И можно огласить, что это частично так и есть, ведь туда попасть не так уж и просто. Для того чтоб туда попасть существует особый браузер, заглавие которого хорошенечко укрыто и непонятно. История посещений, действий и просмотров не отслеживается, сам же юзер практически повсевременно может оставаться анонимом. Как мы говорили выше, подключиться к даркнету через остальные обыденные браузеры трудно, но ведь может быть. Это можно совершить с помощью специализированных для этого расширений вашего браузера, но в данном случае вы потеряете полную гарантию анонимности и в том числе свойства.

В даркнете различные люди продают разные продукты и сервисы, но все не так просто. Данные деяния чреваты определенными последствиями, перечень которых будет предоставлен чуток ниже. А какие же случаи уже случались не лишь с самим даркнетом, а конкретно с его пользователями? К примеру, как и на любом схожем даркнет веб-сайте есть свои большие площадки. И на даркнете такие же площадки есть, но вот лишь обладатели почти всех из их уже были пойманы и на данный момент они посиживают уже за сеткой.

Еще увлекательнее вариант случился с одним популярным основоположником известной площадки сети. Форумы Юзеры Текущие гости Новейшие сообщения Поиск сообщений. Контент Создатели. Оплата услуг. Вход Регистрация. Что нового? Находить лишь в заголовках. Поиск Расширенный поиск…. Юзеры Текущие гости.

Новейшие сообщения. Поиск сообщений. В сети возникают фейки нашего форума! Будьте бдительны! Все вопросцы решаются через форум! Будьте внимательны! На ряде теневых форумов участились случаи взлома аккаунтов, ценность у взломщиков имеют старенькые аккаунты и аккаунты с историей, продаются и аккаунты продавцов.

Настоятельно рекомендуем:. JavaScript отключён. Чтоб всеполноценно употреблять наш веб-сайт, включите JavaScript в своём браузере. Вы используете устаревший браузер. Этот и остальные веб-сайты могут отображаться в нём неправильно. Для вас нужно обновить браузер либо испытать употреблять иной.

Форум Гидра hydra. Обсуждение и отзывы ссылки запрещены. Назад 1 … Перейти к страничке. First Назад 14 из 17 Перейти к страничке. Служба сохранности. Private Club. Нажмите для раскрытия Для просмотра ссылки нужно надавить Вход либо Регистрация. Жадина Стаж на мигалках с г Migalki Club. BOOX написал а :. Гидра - ФСЁ! Настюсик написал а :.

Не подскажешь где можно приобрести покурить? На мегу есть ссылка.

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